Tree Of Heart


Tree of Heart is a project in collaboration with ‘KEDV’ (Appreciating Female Labour Foundation) one of the well-known NGO’s in Turkey aiming to improve women’s economic status and quality of life. The Project aims to foster economic development of low income women by selling their hand made goods specially made for Petrol Ofisi at our selected stations. While supporting low income women groups, the project also calls attention to woman labour and able them to transform their talents into a business. With this system, we are revealing the potential of these women, providing a showcase for their handcrafts and therefore we are ensuring them a sustainable and continuous model of income.

Tree of Heart Project design philosophy is focuses on using only local and traditional styles to reach more various buyer group as much as possible. This increases usage and production of local raw materials such as wool or wood. Additionally, mostly natural materialized goods are used in the production phase and this helps to reduce environmental impact diversely industrial production. There are 71 different products in 6 different categories; personal accessories, bath group, home and kitchen group, office and stationery, car accessories and toys. Our most demanded products are key chains, lavender bags, soaps and place mats. This project created jobs for at least 200 women and adding their families, touched nearly 1.000 people’s life indirectly.